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Juvenile Crimes
Finding out that your child has been arrested or charged with a crime can be very upsetting and stressful. You may be uncertain of the details of the alleged event and you may not know who to turn to. Fortunately, help is only a phone call away. At Pollenz Law, we are highly experienced at representing all types of crimes including juvenile offenses.

We understand how much potential a minor child has and we work hard to prevent a harsh sentence such as jail or prison time. We want to ensure that a minor is targeted fairly and that their future and rights are protected aggressively.

Juvenile Offenses & Their Penalties
Every crime carries with it different penalties, depending on the nature and severity of the alleged offense. A minor offense may involve a small consequences such as rehabilitation or community service, while another leads to imprisonment. Regardless of the nature of the alleged crime, you should act quickly to hire a criminal defense lawyer to represent your child.

A few of the most common juvenile crimes include the following:

  • Assault/battery
  • Drug crimes
  • DUI crimes
  • Theft
  • Truancy
  • Underage alcohol crimes
  • Vandalism

Why Hire An Experienced Attorney
If your child is currently facing any type of juvenile crime charges, you should not hesitate to retain the highest quality legal representation available.  Their freedom and future may be on the line and you should not take a chance on a court appointed lawyer who may not be familiar with juvenile offenses or the juvenile courts.  Having an experienced attorney on your child’s side can make the difference between freedom and jail time.

Contact Pollenz Law
It is vital that you retain the immediate representation of Pollenz Law. We will seek to get the charges reduced or dismissed, and we will stand by you and your child throughout the proceedings. The right attorney may make all the difference in the outcome of the case. Make the smart choice –  contact Pollenz Law today.